Spout set for Mr. Thinner 250ml/400ml 3pcs

4.80€ Ex Tax: 4.00€


Stainless Steel Shakers

6.60€ Ex Tax: 5.50€

Ensure that any of your paints and weathering products are well mixed; simply drop one stainless ste..

Tweezers Set

7.20€ Ex Tax: 6.00€

Tweezers Set..

Very smooth saw (both sides)5p

13.20€ Ex Tax: 11.00€

5 pcs..

Weathering brush diagonal

2.64€ Ex Tax: 2.20€

The angled tip of this brush has been specifically designed to add wear and strokes when using oil p..

Weathering brush rounded

2.76€ Ex Tax: 2.30€

Specifically designed for dry brushing, and weathering with oils on horizontal surfaces...

Weathering brush saw shape

2.40€ Ex Tax: 2.00€

Specifically designed to make plain strokes and streaks with oils and enamels...

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